Ellis Morrison



Acting, Film


Fife College, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Why did you choose to study your subject(s)?

I chose to study  an HND in Acting and Performance at Fife College (formerly Carnegie College and Adam Smith College) as I’d always had an interest in theatre and creativity and I got involved with a youth theatre at the age of 14. Back then I was quite involved with costume and helping out with make-up and other things behind the scenes. I just loved helping out with the visual look of the overall project. I was then lucky enough to win a SDTN funded place to study a summer course in film making at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland which has been one of the best experiences of my life. Who knew 3 weeks could have such an impact on someone? It has made me even more certain of the film career path I want to follow.

What made you want to study at your college/university?

I have always enjoyed learning new skills and honing ones I already have. I’m always looking to improve!

Tell us a favourite thing about your course.

At the Royal Conservaoire of Scotland most recently, there were so many amazing things, it’s hard to pin down just one. I’d probably say I loved seeing the final film the most. After the other students and I put in so much hard work, it was just brilliant to see the fruits of our labour.


My mum has always inspired me. She is such an incredible lady and has always supported my decision to go into acting/film making. Also incredible directors like Ridley Scott, David Lynch and David Fincher

What are you planning to do after you’ve finished the course?

Following the SDTN funded summer course in filmmaking, I have decided to take some time to put together a portfolio of films and apply for the DFTV course at the Conservatoire, as well as other courses.


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