Careers in Theatre – Glasgow

Wednesday 11 October 2017
9.30am – 3.30pm

The Scottish Drama Training Network has partnered with the Citizens Theatre, Tramway and Tron Theatre to offer a unique careers day for senior pupils from Glasgow schools.

We are inviting senior pupils from schools in Glasgow to come together on 11 October 2017 to take part in a day of interactive workshops at three of Glasgow’s top performing arts venues. Each venue will offer a unique workshop which will reveal one of the many career pathways available in theatre:

Marketing delivered by Keren Nicol, Senior Marketing and Press Officer, Citizens Theatre

During this session the team at the Citizens will explore role that Marketing & Communications plays in the theatre, and some of the different tools and methods that used to share news, encourage people to try something new and sell tickets. The session will explore how the Citizens Theatre communicates with the diverse groups of people that make up their audience, and participants will be challenged to create their own marketing campaign.

Keren has worked in arts marketing for 10 years, for 5 of those at the Citizens Theatre. Joining in with lots of music activities at Hillhead High School, she then chose to study music at Edinburgh University. While there, she joined choirs and performing groups and started to learn more about producing shows and events. After graduating, the first part of her career was spent working for classical music organisations in Glasgow and in London before coming to work at the Citizens Theatre.

Re-imagining Stage Design delivered by Rachel O’Neill , Tramway Theatre

How do we think more about ‘the visual’ as a language on stage?  This workshop will introduce ways to think about designing for theatre through making exercises and playful experiments with objects. We will also explore ideas of ‘site-responsive’ theatre by considering the physical space that we are in and how this in turn can become part of the design.

Rachel is a visual artist and a designer for contemporary-performance who graduated from Glasgow School of Art. She has a particular interest in the social value of art and creates work for theatre spaces and found spaces including performance, site-specific artworks and live events. In all of Rachel’s work the content and form is created by the people who take part and working alongside communities and individuals is a core part of her practice.

Sound Design delivered by Gary Cameron, Tron Theatre

This workshop will introduce students to basic conceptual skills needed when creating sound design. Using a piece of text the group will explore the journey and choices that a sound designer makes in the creation of sound design. Participants will have the opportunity to create a sound design using pre-recorded sounds, live percussion, body percussion and explore with technology to learn how sounds can be manipulated.

Gary Cameron is a Glasgow based Composer, musician and facilitator.  He has been working freelance since 2010 with some of the best and most highly regarded theatre companies in the country including Dundee Rep, National Theatre of Scotland, Tron Theatre, Folksy Theatre and Toonspeak. He is committed to making performances of the highest quality and has held a life-long passion for music in theatre. Throughout Gary’s career he has been drawn to creating work for and with young people developing artists of the future through community outreach programmes and productions.  He has taught and facilitated nationwide, encouraging creativity and introducing young people to sound design. Gary believes that the creative process of a production and the imagination that is required to bring performances to life is just as important as the finished product itself.


9.30am – 11am Workshop 1
11.30am – 1pm Workshop 2
1pm – 2pm Lunch
2pm – 3.30pm Workshop 3


Workshops will be led by industry professionals who are subject specialists in their chosen fields. Please note, capacity for this event is limited to 20 places per workshop. Please identify senior pupils who will be most suited to this event. We recommend this event for senior pupils who are studying any of the following subjects: Art and Design, Graphic Communication, Physics, Drama, English, Business Management, Technical and Music. The participants will attend all three workshops and will also receive a Careeer Pathways Information Pack including training choices from SDTN, which will supplement the day’s activities.

Schools are invited to register 5 senior pupils to participate. If you have more pupils who are interested please complete the reserve list. Return your application to If extra places become available, SDTN contact you.

Following application, SDTN will provide detailed information and a schedule for the event including where your group will meet at the start of the day.

Please note this event is taking place across three venues, all participating pupils will require permission from the school and their parents to attend. Time has been built into the schedule to allow participants to travel between venues, this will include walking, please inform us if any pupils have access requirements.

If you are a teacher at a school in the Glasgow area, and would like to register your senior pupils to attend, please email for an application form.


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