Ayr Careers In Theatre : All The World’s A Stage.

Ayr Careers In Theatre : All The World’s A Stage.

Please find below more information on this fully funded opportunity specifically for Ayr students and how to apply.

We are inviting your S4 – S6 pupils to join us on Tuesday 3rd September 2019 to take part in a day of interactive workshops held at University of the West of Scotland followed by a performance of The Brunch Club.
The Acting Workshop will be lead by the Director and Writer, Ben Harrison of Grid Iron Theatre Company and the Graduate Ensemble Cast. The Design Workshop will be lead by the Design Mentor and the Graduate Ensemble Designer for The Brunch Club. The workshops will explore site-responsive theatre and how to make performances in unusual spaces. The workshops will include advice on the variety of career pathways available in performance, technical theatre and production art design. Workshops will cover Acting and Stage Design.

Download Application Form : Schools Application Form- Ayr Workshops

Download Photo Form : PHOTO CONSENT FORM – SDTN & Grid Iron


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