A New Book for Acting Students and Teachers

Rehearsals for the Real World

This extraordinary collection of 557 first person monologues has been created specifically for stage and screen acting students and their teachers.  Written by Acting teacher, Robin Lindsay Wilson, these micro-fictions are expressed by characters who reveal their positive, negative, humorous, tragic and contradictory thoughts.  They throw a spotlight on life, seen through the lens of the endlessly diverse attitudes, difficulties and relationships that form our world.

Robin writes: “I began writing these monologues as training exercises for my acting students at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. The speeches were used to stimulate them into exploring characters and situations. As the title of this book suggests, much of Rehearsals for the Real World is related to the craft of character acting, where each little speech is spoken by a unique individual.  However you decide to use this book, whether as an assortment of acting pieces, or as short fiction you can dip into on a commuter journey, I hope you will find something to divert and entertain you!”

Simple to access for all students and an excellent aid for teachers, these short texts illuminate the innermost workings of the human heart. They are designed to inspire, educate and entertain.

“Every one of these monologues is a nugget of humanity in all its myriad complexities and subtleties; they are full of depth, detail and originality – exactly what every actor needs to create truthful character.  Any actor-trainer will relish working with these. Not a word is wasted.”

Ali de Souza, Associate Head of Acting, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland


“Rehearsals for the Real World will be an indispensable asset for any teacher of acting. Its exploration of life and humanity in all its richness will also make this an engrossing read for everyone.”

Julie K Austin, Drama Teacher and Film/TV Acting Coach



Note to Tutors:  As we are all aware, because of Covid, the work of teachers in schools, colleges and universities has been seriously disrupted.  As soon as the restrictions have been removed, it is hoped to distribute books initially to Theatre, Film and Television teachers, whose institutions are STDN members.

Meanwhile, REHEARSALS FOR THE REAL WORLD can be obtained from the publishers at: www.cinnamonpress.com and from other online book retailers

For further information please contact: Alison Forsyth alisonforsyth2@gmail.com.

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