Industry-Based Learning Opportunity: Producer 2021

Vanishing Point and Scottish Drama Training Network (SDTN) Industry-Based Learning: Producer 2021

Vanishing Point & SDTN are offering an opportunity for a student or recent graduate* to gain an insight into the process of producing a Vanishing Point show through a bespoke learning programme.  The learning programme will involve a series of one-to-one meetings with Vanishing Point’s Administrative Producer; meetings with production staff and members of the creative team and some practical experience. The programme will be focussed around Vanishing Point’s upcoming show, The Metamorphosis: Unplugged which will tour Scotland in April & May 2021.

This opportunity would be suitable for someone wanting to develop a career in arts producing and/or management. It will provide an emerging producer with an opportunity to gain insight into the operations of prominent, international theatre company and to begin building their own network of professional contacts.

*See below for full details about who can apply

Start Date: 25th January 2021

Commitment: approx. ½ day every 2 weeks + attendance at performances (depending on availability of selected candidate)

You will:

  • Attend one-to-one meetings with Vanishing Point’s Administrative Producer to discuss the following topics, in the context of Vanishing Point’s upcoming show, The Metamorphosis: Unplugged: The Role of the Producer; Booking a Tour; Press & Marketing; Contracting; Logistics & Planning.  Topics are only an indication and may change depending on the specific interest of the placement and/or the development of the production.
  • Undertake related projects/activities. If appropriate, tasks will be set for the following session, for example, you may be asked to carry out research or prepare a basic budget for a specific area of the production.
  • Attend and observe meetings with the Administrative Producer and Director; Venue Promoters & Programmers; Creative Team; Marketing & Press Team
  • Observe 2 x ½ day of rehearsals

N.B. You may be required to observe live meetings via Zoom or observe pre-recorded meetings – this will be dependent on government restrictions, schedules and availability.

Provisional Schedule

  • 25th January – 1st April – ½ day every 2 weeks
  • w/c 12th April & w/c 18th April – attend (or observe a recording of) a 2-hour rehearsal session
  • w/c 26th April – join the tour to attend two performances(dependent on the availability of the candidate)

What SDTN & Vanishing Point will provide

  • Supervision and support from Vanishing Point
  • Pastoral support from SDTN
  • Full Health & Safety briefing before undertaking work
  • Full participation with assessment and feedback paperwork where applicable
  • SDTN Equal Opportunity Monitoring
  • SDTN will provide a travel allowance to attend meetings and will fully fund attendance at performance(s) on the tour (including travel, accommodation & meal allowance)

Who Can Apply?

This opportunity is open to students enrolled on a full-time course in television, film, theatre or radio (HNC/SCQF Level 7 and above) in SDTN’s network of colleges and higher education.

Graduates (within the last 2 years) who studied on a full-time course in television, film, theatre or radio (HNC/SCQF Level 7 and above) in SDTN’s network of colleges and higher education.

To find out if you are eligible please visit our web site for a list of the Institutions here:

SDTN and Vanishing Point welcome applications from all people and encourage those from under-represented groups to apply. If you would like to submit an application in a different format, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help. For more details about our Equalities, Diversity & Inclusion policies, please visit our respective websites.


  • Application deadline: Monday 14th December 2020
  • Successful Candidate notified: Monday 21st December 2020
  • Start date: 25th January 2021

How to Apply

Download an application form HERE and return to

About Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point is Scotland’s foremost artist-led independent theatre company, internationally recognised and acclaimed for its distinctive, ground-breaking and visionary work. Established in 1999, the Company has developed an international reputation for creating bold and ambitious performances that are visceral, visual and entertaining.  Vanishing Point has created and performed work in over 20 countries with leading international festivals and venues including Edinburgh International Festival, Buenos Aires International Festival, Santiago A Mil, BOZAR Arts (Brussels), Theatre de la Ville (Paris), Stanislavsky Season Festival (Moscow), National Theatre of Portugal (Porto) & Brighton Festival.

Vanishing Point is committed to nurturing the talents of emerging theatre practitioners and has significant experience in offering work-based learning programmes.

About The Metamorphosis: Unplugged

The Metamorphosis: Unplugged

Created by Vanishing Point

After the story by Franz Kafka

Adapted and directed by Joanna Bowman

A warm-hearted theatre show with live music that tells the story of Gregor Samsa, an ordinary man who wakes up one morning to discover he has turned into a giant insect. Keen not to be late for work, unable to leave his bedroom and surrounded by his increasingly confused and neglectful family, Gregor’s story amuses and compels in equal measure.

Based on Franz Kafka’s iconic novella Metamorphosis, this ‘unplugged’ retelling of the story is performed in an intimate, up-close setting. 

Touring Scotland April – May 2021

Performance dates to be confirmed

Performances will take place across Scotland

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