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Mateusz Pandzierski

HNC Creative Industries: Television at New College Lanarkshire


GFF Industry Focus was an amazing, big event… The time I spent there was truly invaluable.

Getting the free pass for Glasgow Film Festival Industry Focus Programme was a big and happy surprise. I wouldn’t have the money to buy it myself, so being grateful, I went to as many events as I could. It was a crazy week filled with panels, movies and networking sessions. I wouldn’t be able to see everything even if I wanted. I was one of the five people chosen for an SDTN sponsored industry pass. We got to know each other quite quickly and stuck together for the whole week.

GFF Industry Focus was an amazing, big event. It taught me a lot about film production during many panels with people from within the industry. I also got a chance to watch movies I would not be able to do elsewhere. During numerous networking meetings I got a chance to speak directly with people from various companies, sectors and countries who were able to give me advice on my future career.

The time I spent there was truly invaluable. I made connections I may use in the future.  I would recommend everyone interested in film industry to go to GFF Industry Focus events next year.


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