ABTT Training Course Funding Winner

ABTT Bronze Award for Theatre Technicians


The ABTT developed the Bronze Award course to ensure that there was a relevant and recognized technical qualification for those wanting to either validate their existing skills or to develop their skills further in order to progress within the Industry. This is the first course in a trio courses meant to both develop and solidify your skill set.

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Winner John Russel’s Blog:

Being a student studying sound production and wanting to get into live sound, there is a certain degree of flexibility required and knowing a little bit about everything from a production sense, is very valuable in this industry. Having no hands-on experience, I find it hard to get employment in this field and when the opportunity came along to apply for a funded position on the ABTT bronze award course, I knew this would be a great step in the right direction.

Winning the position to be on the ABTT bronze award course was overwhelming and as this course is specifically aimed at technical theatre, it’s what I needed in terms of industry training.

The course ran over 5 days which consisted of

  • Day 1: manual handling/risk assessment
  • Day 2: knots and splicing
  • Day 3: electrical fundamentals
  • Day 4: access equipment
  • Day 5: fundamentals of flying + final test

The course was very informative and productive with some humour thrown in to lighten things up. The positive parts of the course for me was knots and splicing and electrical fundamentals. Having some electrical experience already, mixed with some practical involvement, made both of these days for me, great, especially splicing and realising the importance of rope selection and knots within a theatre environment. The manual handling/risk assessment, access equipment and fundamentals of flying, introduced a new skill set to me which practically, was a weakness for myself and will be something I will continue to work on.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and networking with other people who were also taking their ABTT bronze award. The course is well designed and industry specific, for people wishing to progress into the production side of theatre.

I will continue taking a sound approach to my career (excuse the pun) and will be undertaking the BA in commercial sound production at UWS this year and will continue my approach to achieving a career in live sound.

A heartfelt thanks goes to Abby at SDTN for selecting me for this opportunity and all the instructors/trainers involved with ABTT – Geoff, Adrian, Julian, Paul and Steve at RCS, it’s been a blast.



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