Dance International Glasgow

Scottish Drama Training Network

in partnership with Dance International Glasgow

4th – 26th October 2019


This autumn, SDTN partnered with DIG to offer Network Students paid tickets to some of the performances at Tramway. We curated a programme of shows that we felt were relevant to Acting & Performance, AV and Design students in the hope that seeing the work would inspire and develop their practice.


One of the SDTN Delegates, Helena Main, studying HND Acting and Performance at Glasgow Clyde College, Langside Campus, writes about the shows she saw:



What I took from this performance was that both dancers were trapped in a very digitised and virtual system that they couldn’t escape from, even their physicality’s were confined to the same robotic patterns over and over again. I enjoyed how this reflects the way our future world is becoming. People are already so dependent on technology that in years to come we might not be able to function without it and it will end up physically and mentally controlling us. The female dancer in particular was very convincing at portraying this robotic character with her energy and presence. When both dancers came together they created perfect unison with each other which was fascinating to watch.



Here we could see how the dancers wanted to work the space and test how the audience would react. As a member of the audience I felt the dancers were disconnected from us as it seemed they were in their own world and I wasn’t sure what they were trying to portray at first. But as it went on it became enjoyable to watch the dancers in their element, exploring different dance techniques and using the space whilst working together.


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