The Brunch Club Reviews

The Brunch Club has taken the Edinburgh Festival Fringe by storm and the reviews are in…


Tickets are selling fast for our final week so you better book your tickets quick if you want to catch The Brunch Club at Edinburgh Fringe 2019!


Sends out the message that it’s okay to be whoever you want to be, that nobody can stop you, and that nothing can stand in your way.

 ***** The National Student

Fizzes with energy… Funny, fantastically well observed, witty, sharp and fabulously choreographed.
A series of impressive performances from a memorable young acting company.
**** The Scotsman
These talented drama graduates perform with conviction in this thought-provoking production.
**** British Theatre Guide
A play filled with heart, humour and energetic characters.
The Stage 
Colourful, fast-paced… so convincing are the cast that you would think they are playing themselves.


We have also won The Bright Spark Award The Scottish Theatre Awards On The Fringe!




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