Partnership with Edinburgh International Festival

EIF Fringe Reception with SDTN The Network, Grid Iron Theatre Company & Cake

For the second year now we have partnered with Edinburgh International Festival to give our Network Ensemble the opportunity to see performances of EIF shows that they might otherwise not have the chance to attend. The Edinburgh International festival boasts a bustling programme of world class theatre. With companies from all nations and performances in dance, opera, music and theatre.

We are so grateful to be able to coordinate with the Learning & Engagement team again. Special thanks to Caroline & Neil for all their hard work in organising and selecting a programme of shows for our graduates to see.

At the Festival Theatre with Cast and Creative team to see the epic Peter Gynt by National Theatre of Great Britain. Wow! We particularly enjoyed the multitude of Scottish Accents. Seeing this performance was all the more exciting as cast member Jatinder Singh Randhawa is alumni of Network Ensemble (Snowflake 2017).

Our Creatives, just out of seeing Roots, by 1927 Theatre. What an amazing show with live music and performances that interact with beautiful storytelling projections. Feeling very inspired.











The cast got to have a chat with Shyvonne Ahmmad, Network ensemble Alumni (Snowflake 2017), after seeing her in Total Immediate Collective Imminent Terrestrial Salvation (trips right off the tongue). It’s a boundary pushing, spell binding play, by Tim Crouch, that involves audience participation of being asked to read from a book. Almost all of the cast members who were there got asked to read at some point through the performance, Brunch Club Takeover..




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