Blog post from Lucy Vaughan, SDTN Director

I have recently spent a few weeks traveling in Malaysia and while there I was able to spend a couple of days on location in Kuala Lumpur with the cast and crew of a new ITV drama series, The Singapore Grip. The series’ Director is Tom Vaughan, (recent credits include ITV Victoria and the BBC first series of DrFoster) and is an adaptation of the novel by JG Farrell, by the award winning writer, Christopher Hampton. Although the production is essentially British, it is a really good example of the global nature of film making. The 6 part series is being filmed over 4 months in Malaysia with a Scottish director (Tom Vaughan), who is based in the United States, and a cast and crew from the UK, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Australia. One of the key members of the camera team is a film production graduate from RSAMD, (now RCS), Jimmy Harrison. Jimmy, originally from Renfrewshire, is the first camera operator on The Singapore Grip, working with Director of Photography John Lee. It was great to meet Jimmy in KL and see the camera team in action. I can’t share more about The Singapore Grip just now as it is all still under wraps, but the series is likely to be screened in the UK, in autumn 2019. I can confirm however that it has a great cast, with some very well known actors.
I really appreciated the opportunity to observe the work of the film unit at first hand and SDTN will be inviting Jimmy to tell us more about his career pathway and recent work, when he is slightly less busy!

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