Laura Laria winner of funded place on ABTT training course

To win this funded place on the ABTT Bronze Certified Award for Theatre Technicians has been a great opportunity for me to learn about what I love.

The first day, we were taught the necessity of Health and safety procedures on theatre, and the importance to internalise the idea of being responsible for you and all the people involved in the workplace through applying Safety policies and Risk assessments. The second day was one of my favourites. We practised knots and splicing and we learned about different types of ropes and which ones are the most appropriate for specific functions in theatre. The third day was an introduction to electrical installation. An interesting lesson to learn how the electricity works and can be measured. It was really helpful to find out which cables and equipment I have to be used to create safe installations on theatre or wherever is needed by basic calculations. On the fourth day, we practised the safe use of temporary access equipment like telescopes and ladders. And last but not least, on the fifth day we enjoyed the whole day going up and down the galleries of The New Athenaeum Theatre at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, to learn the proper steps to follow when using a flying system.

About what I am planning to do after, my future is a mix of projects and classes. I would like to build my career having experience in different areas, to learn how to solve different problems and to find creative solutions for them. I think to combine creativity and technique by working in a variety of roles will give me a full understanding of the industry and will make me a complete and competent person. Most of all, I would like to create a good network to help me working between Scotland and Spain or why not, in any other place in the world. I guess the best thing is to keep all doors open, that is why I like to do these courses and to be trained in the design disciplines but also in the technical ones. The short future aim is to finish my HND and then I would think on applying for the ABTT Silver Certificate as a continuity of this one. And in a farther future, I have an upcoming project as an Art Director in a short film in Autumn in Madrid.

Thank you Geoffrey Joyce, Julian Anderson, Adrian Hickinbottom, Paul Edward and Steve Macluskie for sharing all your knowledge with us. And big thank you to Scottish Drama Training Network for this opportunity.

To see what I do, please visit my website:

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