Meet the Network: Jatinder Singh Randhawa

Now that the Edinburgh Festival Fringe has closed for another year, we hear from Jatinder about his experience on the cast of Snowflake.

How am I feeling? Proud! When I left college I was exposed to so many unanswered questions: will there be a place in the industry for me? Do I have the best skills and assets to guarantee a successful career? However, with this project I  have been given the opportunity to reflect on myself and the methods I learned during my time in college. The work was intense from the get go, the level of professionalism and focus needed really pushed me to a level where I had if I knew if I dropped the ball once I would let down the rest of the team and the rehearsal process. But every minute has motivated me and has opened up so many ideas and techniques I can add to my repertoire for future productions.

Over the past two months I have never been more inspired and impressed by so many talented, creative and beautiful people. Everyone I have met throughout my journey as part of Snowflake has been extremely supportive and caring. From the people in the crew to my very own director. Especially my cast. I have grown to really care for the people I have been working with and I have learned  a lot from everyone.

I cannot thank SDTN and Mark Thomson enough for giving me the opportunity and confidence to progress my career. Allowing  me to use what I have learned in training in a professional capacity where I can explore and experiment my performance methods. For helping me grow as an artist and develop as someone who can give all their energy to a craft they care about. I hope you managed to come and see Snowflake and the talent on display, I can now easily say we are all high-quality actors performing in a high-quality production!

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