Snowflake Shortlisted for the first Mental Health Fringe Award

On 24 August 2017 The Network’s production Snowflake was shortlisted for the first ever Mental Health Fringe Award.

The awards were launched this year to recognise the show that most successfully explores the subject of mental health and is run by the Mental Health Foundation with the support of the Tron Theatre in Glasgow and The Scotsman newspaper.

Speaking about the awards and Snowflake, writer Mark Thomson said:

“I’m delighted our show has been shortlisted for the Mental Health Fringe Award. I didn’t start off with the intention of writing a piece about mental health it was simply to engage and give some sort of voice to an age range 19-25 that rarely made its way onto the stage. But once I started it became impossible not to engage. It’s unprecedented and it’s new. My generation and what we’ve done and the rise of the untameable wild horse of social media in their development leave them with no map and few reference points.

It is a crisis now and if we don’t get to grips with it then there are profound implications for society and its ability to be happy, at ease with itself or even functioning.”

Read the article about the shortlist here.

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