Meet the Network: Murray Wilson

It’s not just the cast that makes a show great but also having an incredible technical team behind the scenes. This week our Lighting Designer Murray Wilson talks to us about his experience working on Snowflake

Well, I can’t believe that’s two weeks of performances!

It’s all gone by so quickly. If you told me when I started college that I was going to be working with Mark Thomson I would have laughed it off for sure. But here I am, proud to be the Lighting Designer for Snowflake. Working on this show has really pushed me past the limits I thought I had, it would be pretty tiring if it weren’t so enjoyable. I am constantly reminded why I decided to get into theatre in the first place. Everyone has stepped up to the challenge and I’ve realised that the people I’m working with really are some of the best young actors, crew and designers in Scotland today. The whole process has made me feel much more confident in my work and ability. Most importantly, everyone involved is great to spend time with. Having dinner with the production team, meeting up before rehearsals for a coffee,  or just playing cards with the rest of the crew and cast,  I don’t think I would have rather spent my summer doing anything else. I think the bond we’ve developed has really shaped the quality of the show.

I’ve never felt so proud of a production as I do working on Snowflake. It is wonderful to see how delighted audiences are after each production and nothing is comparable to the joy of reading a great review about the show. Everyone should definitely come and see the show, on until 28th August at Pleasance Above!

Our amazing technical team have been working hard behind the scenes throughout rehearsals and productions, check out some  shots from our technical rehearsal:



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