Meet the Network: Heather Horsman

It is already the middle of August and the Fringe is at its peak. The cast and crew of Snowflake have been working hard, Heather tells us about her first week of performances:

After three weeks of intense rehearsals, getting soaked by rainy Edinburgh, missing buses, line learning, lots of hard work and even more fun – we have a show! It is amazing to see the script come to life, in ways that I never imagined.

This first week of shows has been tiring but so much fun. We have had some brilliant audiences, with people laughing throughout and others in tears. For me, the best bit is that people of all ages seem to be relating in some way to the characters. I think this is a play that everyone can see themselves or someone they know in and I feel incredibly lucky to be part of bringing the story to life.

It’s a totally new thing for me to perform a show for this long a run, but I love waking up every day and knowing that we get to do it all over again. I can’t believe we get to keep doing this until the end of August!! Edinburgh is such a great place to be at the moment, there’s so much energy and we’ve seen some fantastic shows. I think I’d quite happily do this for a long time – definitely not in a rush for the festival to end and to go back to real life!

I tried to think of the best words to describe the show, but my dad put it much better than I ever could:

“Well worth watching. Sad, hopeful, funny, satirical, insightful, fast-paced, tight dialogue and timing.”

And that’s Snowflake. So if you can make it, please get your tickets –1pm at the Pleasance Above! It’s an important show that we’re all incredibly proud of and definitely worth watching. My dad says so.

And if Heather’s Dad isn’t recommendation enough, we think it is, you can read our 4 star review from the Scotsman here.

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