Meet the Network: Michael Johnson

Last week we caught up with Michael Johnson, one of our cast members who features in Mark Thomson’s Snowflake. He tells us how he felt in the lead up to opening at Pleasance Above. 

Only one week until the opening of Snowflake and we will all be engulfed in the Fringe atmosphere! The whole cast is becoming very excited about the prospect of facing large groups of audiences during August and we are all working hard. During the last week of rehearsals we finished refining the scenes individually and began full runs of the show. We hit our first hurdle when we timed the piece and realised it was running a considerable amount over our allotted time, Mark had to make some last minute cuts and edits to the script but we managed to get it running under an hour. Over the weekend we had two days in the PASS studio at Edinburgh College where we had our tech plotting and tech rehearsal. We worked long hours but it put us in good stead for when we moved to the venue as we were more comfortable with what we were doing . Our tech rehearsal in the Pleasance was really exciting. I felt blown away when I saw the venue and experienced the atmosphere and our technical team worked very hard to solve any issues that cropped up.

All in all, the week was very intense but also incredibly rewarding. To see our work progress so far in this time has been great. It is very clear that the hard work has paid off and I think that we are in a good standing for opening the show. If you are wondering what life is like for a modern day millennial, then you should come and watch Snowflake!

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