Meet The Network: Mirren Wilson

As the opening performance of Snowflake fast approaches, we took some time to catch up with Mirren, one of our lovely cast members of The Network. Read on to find out about her first few weeks of rehearsals:

Where to start? Probably…with hello? Thanks for taking the time to read my blog entry!

I can’t believe we have finished our second week of rehearsals, time is flying! Our first day still feels like yesterday, when we were handed our beautifully bound scripts, and our journey began, there was an instant family feel in the room as the entire creative team read through the witty and heartfelt script.

If you are wondering what to expect in a typical Snowflake rehearsal, I can tell you, it’s lots of iPhones, yoga, the most amazing rug, actors tripping over the set, smoothies, loud music and air-guitar, confusion, brain-waves, articulation exercises, patterned shirts, strong banter, tattered scripts, puns from Rachel, inspirational acting quotes, scattered clothes, laptops, time-checks from Holly, Ed’s hard-core warm ups, the odd moment of silence, carrots and focus.

We’re in a fun stage of familiarity at the moment where you get to play, explore and discover with freedom. It’s been a bit of a shock to only have three weeks to rehearse but that’s the real world. Next week we will be performing our previews and if that’s not the most terrifying and exciting concept, then I don’t know what is!

I’m absolutely loving being part of the ensemble and I feel very very grateful to share the space with such a talented and quirky bunch. We’ve all been truly embraced by our director Mark who welcomes and respects our opinions. I’ve never worked with a director who has also been the writer of the play and there’s something magical about that. He knows the play but he’s still finding new things along with us, which is fascinating to watch; you’ll just see him jogging along the front of the room. He knows these characters, characters that are being brought to life for the first time and he’s entrusting them to us. That’s pretty special.

Highlights of the week have to be: dancing to Fleetwood Mac in our break, finishing blocking, watching a Noel Coward video Mad Dogs and Englishmen, getting the new sofa and, of course, Heather’s birthday!

I’m going to leave you with my favourite quote of the rehearsal room so far…
“Don’t take the motorway, take the scenic route.”
See you in August!


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