Graduate Ensemble Induction Day

Excitement levels rose up on Monday (19.06) as our graduate ensemble- The Network- had its induction day at Edinburgh College (Granton Campus).  This was a time to both have fun and to do some creative work.

In the morning the Network received information packs and had the chance to meet everyone from the creative and organizing team. Jakki Jeffery, Head of Faculty welcomed the ensemble to Edinburgh College and highlighted the amazing chance they had to create work with their peer group from across Scotland and to perform at the Fringe. Anthony Alderson (Director of the Pleasance) also expressed his support for the initiative and revealed some perks that the ensemble will receive, such as a pass to see all shows at the Pleasance. Besides being able to get creative inspiration from the latter, he added that the Network should also take advantage of the great networking opportunities they will have while being part of the Festival at the Pleasance.  The director and writer of the play- Mark Thomson- said he was thrilled to be working with the ensemble and he discussed his inspiration for the play Snowflake, which had arisen from the previous script development workshops with students.

“Snowflake” will aim to capture the essence of today’s generation – also known as ‘snowflakes’ – to explore some of their realities, and the pressures, challenges and opportunities of social media.

The ‘Welcome session’, was followed by a photo call and then a Health and Safety briefing and a tour around the PASS Theatre spaces at the Granton Campus. After this it was down to work: the Technical and Design team spent the rest of the day with Abby McMillan, Production Manager, and in the afternoon had a very informative session from Ben Twist, Director of Creative Carbon Scotland, encouraging everyone involved in making a show to think about the environment when producing work. The cast worked with Mark Thomson and assistant director Ed McGurn, including several readings of the script. To draw to a close Mark led a session with the whole ensemble about the material, as his innovative style of writing would try to capture the ensemble’s feedback in shaping the play.


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