What You Need to Know Roadshow

Fife College
Tuesday 29 November 2016

The Scottish Drama Training Network visited Fife College yesterday with our new event for students: What You Need to Know Roadshow. The roadshow is a day of workshops and sessions focusing on employability skills and advice on making the transition into professional careers.

110 students from Acting and Performance, Musical Theatre, Technical Theatre and Physical Theatre courses at Fife College participated in the event which was delivered with industry professionals facilitating the learning.

The workshops were designed to help the students think about their future career pathways, either as an independent artist or as part of a production company.

The students had the opportunity to take part in a selection of five different workshops which included:

  • How to bring your show to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society)
  • Visualising your business model (Scottish Institute for Enterprise)
  • Get In to Technical Theatre (Scottish Drama Training Network)
  • Introduction to Theatre Casting: the other side of the table (Nick Farr)
  • Surviving / Thriving? Self-employment in the Creative Industries (Abigail Carney)

The day concluded with a Question and Answer session with a panel of guest speakers: Fringe First Award-winning Theatre Maker Jenna Watt, Managing Director of Hunwick Hughes Ltd Maryam Hunwick and John Stuart from I Know a Guy Productions.

Speaking about their experience of the event, a Musical Theatre student said:

“I feel like it’s really helped me understand more about the writing aspect of theatre, and actors from an agent’s perspective. It’s also helped me understand a lot about networking and getting venues which was very useful.”

If you are from one of our Network Institutions and would like to speak to us about hosting the What You Need to Know Roadshow employability skills event for your students in 2017, please get in touch, contact hello@sdtn.org

Image credit: Fife College
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