Reporting from The 306: Dawn on location

National Theatre of Scotland’s latest location production The Dawn: 306 has finally come to a close. As part of a partnership between NTS and the Scottish Drama Training Network (SDTN), six students from Perth College UHI were invited to work on the set of the world premiere production

The students, who are studying Technical Theatre at Perth College UHI, worked with the technical crew from National Theatre of Scotland as they set up for the show, they worked on lighting and sound and built on the skills they have learned during their studies.

We caught up with one of the students, Ben, to find out what his days were like working on set:

What time did you get up this morning?

7.20am, an early start, I got a lift from my parents to meet one of the other students before we drove out to the farm together.

What do you do when you first arrive on site?

I will usually report to Gavin, the Production Manager or Helena the Site Manager. I’ll then put on any safety equipment I need to wear like steel toe cap shoes, a high-vis jacket, hard hats, gloves, ear plugs and safety goggles.

Do you work with any specialist equipment?

On this production I’m mainly working with drills and impact drivers, today we were cutting carpet so I was also using a saw.

What have you been working on whilst on site?

I’ve been paired with Ali, who is the Rigger on set. Ali showed me how to put trussing together, how to tie knots with steel cable and how to lower a motor into position and hook it to the steel cable. I had to measure out the trussing and mark where the trussing was going to crossover itself and leave some cable slack as there would be potential for the trussing to get damaged or cut.

What have you learned from your experience from The 306?

I have had a glimpse at how each department links together to form a singular team with regular communication. No job is too small or too big, just as no crew member is undervalued or over praised but equal. The work is back breaking and gruelling – but fun! I’ve also learned more about sound, mainly in regard to radio mics and how they work.

What’s been your highlight working on this production?

I loved being paired with the sound team, I really enjoyed learning more about what they do and how everything links together. It’s great to see everything come together.

To find out more about Ben, visit our student profiles.

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