The use of actors for role-play in investigative interview training

Actors Needed

A postgraduate student at Abertay University is searching for adult actors to take part in a research project ​on the investigative interviewing of children.


About the Project 

In Scotland, actors are used during the training of police officers and social workers using Investigative Interviewing techniques. Actors primarily play the role of a child in a mock interview situation. This research is specifically looking at the use of role-play in the training process as, to date, there has been no research conducted on the effectiveness of using actors for mock interviews.

The objective of this project is to find out how useful it to have adult actors playing children in the investigative interview training process.


What will actors be asked to do?

Actors will be asked to attend 1 session in Dundee where they may be asked to watch an online video clip before taking part in a mock interview. The mock interview will consist of you playing the role of a child whilst being questioned about an event/incident which has occurred. You will be briefed on the role you are to play prior to the mock interview. The session will take between 25 minutes to 90 minutes.



  • Actors must currently be in training or professional (an amateur withexperience might also be considered)
  • You must be aged 18+
  • You must be able to commit to a 30-60 minutes session


To take part

If you feel this is something which you would be interested in taking part in or you have any questions about the project, please contact a member of the Dundee based research team:

Charlene Flynn or

Dr. David La Rooy



Can participants change their mind and withdraw from the project?
You may withdraw from the study at any time without reason.

Every participant will be paid £10 for taking part.

What data information will be collected and what use will be made of it?
All the mock interviews will be video recorded and transcribed for analysis. Each participant will only be identified by a number, your name or any other personal information will not be identified. The recordings and transcriptions of your mock interviews will be securely stored on the premises at Abertay University. Only researchers associated with the project will have access to the interview recordings for the purpose of transcribing them to Microsoft Word files. Results of the project may be published, but any data included will in no way be linked to any participant.

At the end of the project any personal information will be destroyed immediately except that, as required by the University’s research policy, any raw data on which the results of the project depend will be retained in secure storage for five years, after which it will be destroyed.



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