UPDATE: Responses sought for Creative Scotland theatre survey


Hi everyone!  Remember this request?  Christine is still looking for  some more information….  they have collated some responses but she has asked me to re-distribute the details of the final paragraph (highlighted below)*  – on the current destinations of your Theatre Students, in particular for the last year that you have statistics.


Calling all Theatre, Drama & Performance Teachers:


I am leading a small team carrying out the review of Scottish theatre for Creative Scotland. The information from the network — the SDTN website and directory— is invaluable. Can I ask all SDTN members to help with us by completing this questionnaire. We are also asking that you not only complete the form yourself but also to send on to your theatre students.

The plan is to build a map of the professional links and relationships which underpin the way theatre in Scotland works. The more completed surveys we receive, the more accurate the picture created and the better the review.   We want to include the FE and HE sector and hope the draw for £50 Amazon voucher will be an incentive! Here is the link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/scottishtheatre

*We are looking for some data on number of students (home students/funded places) there are on the theatre courses and the destinations (in aggregate form) of these students.  Can you also help us with this?

Many thanks, Christine.

Christine Hamilton Consulting Ltd



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