Graduate Case Study: Alison Sinclair, Reid Kerr College

A new and unique arts and entertainment company is thriving thanks to it’s talented founder Alison Sinclair.  The former Technical Theatre graduate from Reid Kerr College in Paisley launched her business idea this summer and very quickly she realised that her unique blend of mixing art with theatre would become a huge success with children.  PZAZuk was formed along with a close friend Jenny Duncan and Alison’s idea became a reality producing well known plays for children such as ‘The Elf & The Shoemaker’ and the ‘Frog Prince’.

Prior to the launch of PZAZuk, and working part-time bringing up her family, Alison made the decision to return to College and was thrilled to be studying something that she had a real passion for.  She said, “Enrolling for an HNC Technical Theatre at Reid Kerr opened my eyes to the theatre and entertainment industry giving me the confidence to further develop my skills in this area.  The course was great as it provided me with opportunity to get practical and theoretical knowledge of all areas within the theatre and was also flexible enough to allow for more focus on areas of particular interest.  I continued my studies leaving Reid Kerr and graduated with a degree a few years later.”

She added, “The variety of subjects on the course at Reid Kerr gave me a broader knowledge of how this type of training could help with a career in the industry.  The lecturers made you feel like you had something to contribute towards the artistic creation of the work.  Sometimes the industry doesn't allow for creativity and designs must be strictly adhered to, but I liked how Reid Kerr encouraged you to problem solve and be inventive.

PZAZuk is growing at a great pace, now employing actors, technicians, photographers and Dancers who are all former and current students from Reid Kerr’s Academy of Creative Arts.  The performances are interactive and unique in the sense that they mix art with theatre whereby the audience are actively involved in the action and help make basic props, which are then used as part of the production.    

Morven Pringle, Head of The Centre for Performance at Reid Kerr said, “ Alison’s success is a great reflection of what can be achieved by a Performance Arts graduate and we are very proud of her.  Our Academy provides training by highly motivated professionals each an expert in their own field providing students like Alison with a quality training environment equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary to progress in their chosen field.”

You can follow PZAZuk ltd on Facebook and they have just launched their company website at

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