Short Courses at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

By the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Short Courses brochure

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The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland now offers – right across dance, drama, music, production and screen – four key ways to engage with young people and adult learners:

  • Weekly Classes – mainly at evenings and weekends and from four weeks to 32 weeks in duration
  • Specialist Study – a range of skills development events ranging from a half day to three days in duration
  • Professional Development – usually CPD one day in duration and designed predominantly for artists, teachers and educators
  • Summer Schools – currently one week to three weeks in duration but also with specialist packages supporting up to six weeks tuition in relation to personal or professional development as well as transition into training options

For further information please e-mail us at or call us on 0141 270 8213.

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