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End of November and the Christmas season is almost upon us!  We have been out and about with various workshops in Edinburgh, Skye and Glasgow. 

(Remember we are able to organise the workshop of your choice – created  to suit  your needs and those of your students  –  and bring it to you directly – wherever you are…..just contact me to discuss details).

Earlier this month, we organised an early evening event at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow, designed to open a dialogue with Theatre Companies that specialise in Equality, Inclusivity and Disability.   We also aimed to bring together teachers of Drama from schools and colleges along with representatives from various areas of education.

The event provided an excellent opportunity to learn from the diverse knowledge and experience of the panel of specialists and also for the teachers to exchange experiences and ideas.

What emerged from the session was the clear view that the teachers and tutors would welcome more events and information of this kind in the future and we have agreed that the Network will address this by organising another event. Watch this space for details.

Panto Season!

Oh!  Yes…. it is!  It’s that time of year again – and many of our members’ Drama departments will be working flat out in preparation for their annual Pantomime or special Christmas show. Such a lot of hard work – but fantastic fun and a great learning experience for everyone involved.  For those on Technical Theatre Production programmes, there are so many opportunities to create the most fantastic and imaginative scenery and props! Since we can’t possibly get around and see all of the shows… why not share a little of them on our website? Send us your photographs and any reviews or other information about your show and we’ll publish them  straight away. Send them straight to


Recent College Workshops

HND Students at Edinburgh’s Telford College and at the City of Glasgow College recently took part in a ‘Preparation for Audition’  Workshop organised by myself and the actor and Director of Drama at Work, Martha Leishman.
The students enjoyed participating in the improvised situations and are keen to do more in the future. These flexible workshops are specially designed to offer advice and support for all students facing that first ever nerve wracking audition experience! 

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