Emma Corfield

Through SDTN I had the opportunity to work on National Theatre of Scotland’s The 306: Dawn.


HND Technical Theatre


Technical Theatre


Perth College UHI

Emma Corfield is one of four SDTN Network students to be selected by the British Council to take part in the Rio Olympics Backstage to the Future project. Find out what she had to say about her upcoming journey:
Have you had any previous work experience like this before?

Most of my experience so far has been through my course at Perth College. Most recently I had the opportunity to work on National Theatre of Scotland’s The 306: Dawn which was also through SDTN but nothing like going to Rio.


What are you looking forward to most about the project?

I’m excited to see what it’s like in Rio and experience a different culture.


What are you hoping to gain from the project? What would you like to specialise in?

I’m hoping this will help open the door to further career prospects.


What are your career ambitions? How does this fit in with your career goals?

I’m definitely interested in working on big productions, like festivals and live music events, so this opportunity is perfect for me. I’ve always loved the thought of travelling and working all over the world and this gives me a taste of what it will be like.


What’s the furthest you’ve travelled before?

I’ve been to Portugal and Florida but that’s pretty much it. I’ve tried learning a bit of Portuguese but I definitely need some more practise be fore I go to Rio!

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