SDTN Workshop with Briana Pegado

SDTN are looking for graduate / graduating student participants to come along to a workshop with Edinburgh Student Arts Festival Founder Briana Pegado  on Wednesday 31 May. Then, if they like, the students / graduates will be invited to be part of a panel at our Fringe Central event on Friday 25 August.

Young Voices, Fresh Perspectives
Creative Solutions for Creative Careers
Mapping Workshop
May 31st @ the Boardroom, RCS
2-5 PM

This workshop will help the facilitator unpack the structure of the Fringe Central event on the 25th of August, but more importantly will inform the themes, tone and start the discussion around the needs of young people entering the creative sector as working professionals.

Through this workshop and Fringe Central event we aim to engage the sector in a commitment to understand how the sector’s infrastructure is going to support graduates by first identifying the key barriers for graduates and explore how we can creatively overcome these barriers.

We want the young people and all participants involved to have a strong self-belief, to help find their voice, and ultimately encourage their ambition and aspirations to be successful in the sector.


The key questions the facilitator aims to explore in this three hour workshop are:

What would success look like for you in the sector?
What barriers exist?
Why do these barriers exist?
What responsibility do you feel the sector has to you as a creative graduate?

If you would like to participate in this workshop, please email with your name, course and college / university by 5pm Monday 29 May.


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