NTS Home Away 2016

This year the National Theatre of Scotland presented their first ever festival of participatory arts, Home Away. To celebrate, the Scottish Drama Training Network offered a limited number of funded places to our Network students. Royal Conservatoire of Scotland student Jennifer Watt was one of the lucky students to attend, find out what she thought of her experience.

“I really enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to get to go to the NTS Home Away festival through the Scottish Drama Training Network. The focus of the talks was around arts participation and how we increase this with different groups. I found the discussion fascinating and I felt it gave me a chance to analyse my own role as a Theatre Practioner in Scotland. It was a great opportunity to chat to other creative who were also attending the event. I met a lot of drama lecturers who, although more experienced than me, didn’t talk down to me and included in their discussion about arts participation. It was a very insightful experience and I felt included. The environment was so wonderful and like all of SDTN events it provided me with the chance to network, which is so important for me as a postgraduate student who will hopefully move into employment after I complete my training this year.

“Thanks to Laura and the Scottish Drama Training Network for this opportunity and others that I have had before!”

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